What is micromanagement?

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  • Sep 15, 2021
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Micromanagement is very subjective, found somewhere in the grey area between one person’s perception of support and interaction (usually the micromanager) and the others’ perspective of meddling and manipulation (usually the micromanagee). 

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Here are a couple of examples we have heard as business coaches from client that display micromanaging behaviors.

  1. It was quicker and easier for me to do it myself.   
  2. They can’t do it properly, they’re not as good as me.
  3. They only work when I’m there. As soon as I turn my back they slacken off.
  4. I can’t trust them to do it properly.
  5. Too much is at stake to allow this to go wrong.

What to do instead of micromanaging

  1. Admit you are a micromanager. Exactly and clearly define which behaviors you are exhibiting that tell you that you are one. That is 80% of the correction.
  2. Write a list of what your business could look like if you had a team of empowered, enthusiastic, performing, and productive employees. What difference would it make to you?  What difference would it make to your business?
  3. Do a time and motion study for a week or so to point out to yourself what you are spending your time on. Be honest, write everything down. Then go back and ask yourself these questions:
  4. What am I doing that I’ve employed others to do?
  5. Why don’t I let them do it?
  6. What do I have to do to let them do it?
  7. What results am I looking for them to give me?
  8. Where will they need my input?
  9. Ensure your team members know what is expected of them. Sit down with them, explain clearly to them what results you are expecting of them and let them do it. That means not telling them how to do it. Remember, they may not do it the same way as you. You’re looking for the outcome NOT the how. It just might surprise you how excellent they really are.
  10. Set your employees up for success. Employees are dependent upon you because you’ve allowed them to be. Dependency or learned helplessness becomes a vicious circle. Stop giving them the answers. Ask them how they’ve been taught to do it or what they think needs to be done. Ensure you and they know exactly what success looks like – the result you are looking for. Make sure they have the resources, information and support they need to give you that result. Then let them do it!

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