Critical coaching to help you become a better business owner

It’s not all about the money, but what the money can do for you!

  • Gain access to your own team of specialist coaches
  • Work smarter and gain back time
  • Discover a proven business system that ensures growth
  • Mentoring and support throughout the entire journey

Discover how to find the hidden profit in your business with Kaibizzen

Your business centre of excellence – Kaibizzen is a Business coaching and consulting team of specialists based in Brisbane. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge across a wide range of industries and having worked with hundreds of SME businesses, the team of specialists coaches at Kaibizzen can help you and your business by providing you with the support and guidance you have been looking for.

What we do – We help you to become a better business owner

At Kaibizzen we provide clients with direction, clarity and the necessary coaching and tools needed to help them take their business from good to great. By working closely with you, the Kaibizzen team of specialist coaches will focus on helping you to become a better business owner that will enable you to better manage your business and produce the results you want and the lifestyle you desire.

How we are different:

  • Access to your own team of specialist coaches – At Kaibizzen, instead of being coached by just one coach our clients get access to an entire team of specialists across all the critical aspects of business including HR, finance, marketing and sales, planning and systems and peak performance.

  • Coaches are business owners themselves – Every specialist on the Kaibizzen coaching team have, like you, owned their own business and truly understand the challenges you face

  • Our coaching and consulting programs – To make it easier for our clients, not only do we provide intensive coaching for business owners, we also offer done-for-you consulting services ie website development, copywriting, recruitment etc which entails complete project management from start to finish.